Saturday, May 25, 2013

A colorful Trifoil Knot

Some time ago I was looking for a cool way to visualize parametric equations and I started working on the the trefoil knot. It is the simplest example of a nontrivial knot and it can be defined with the following parametric equations:

After a while this snippet came out:
from numpy import linspace,pi,cos,sin
phi = linspace(0,2*pi,100)
x = sin(phi)+2*sin(2*phi)
y = cos(phi)-2*cos(2*phi)
z = -sin(3*phi)

from pylab import scatter,subplot,cm,show
from numpy import abs
So, here's my colorful version of the trifold knot:

Friday, May 3, 2013

A new RefCard from the GlowingPython!

Check out the DZone RefCard from the GlowingPython:

This Refcard is a collection of code examples that introduces the reader to the principal Data Mining tasks using Python. In the RefCard you will find the following contents:
  • How to import and visualize data.
  • How to classify and cluster data.
  • How to discover relationships in the data using regression and correlation measures.
  • How to reduce the dimensionality of the data in order to compress and visualize the information it brings.
  • How to analyze structured data with networkx.
Each topic is covered with code examples based on four of the major Python libraries for data analysis and manipulation: numpy, matplotlib,sklearn and networkx. Here is a preview of the first two pages:

Click on the preview to get the RefCard!