Saturday, May 21, 2016

An intro to Regression Analysis with Decision Trees

It's a while that there are no posts on this blog, but the Glowing Python is still active and strong! I just decided to publish some of my post on the Cambridge Coding Academy blog. Here are the links to a series of two posts about Regression Analysis with Decision Trees: In this introduction to Regression Analysis we will see how to user scikit-learn to train Decision Trees to solve a specific problem: "How to predict the number of bikes hired in a bike sharing system in a given day?"

In the first post, we will see how to train a simple Decision Tree to exploit the relation between temperature and bikes hired, this tree will be analysed to explain the result of the training process and gain insights about the data. In the second, we will see how to learn more complex decision trees and how to assess the accuracy of the prediction using cross validation.

Here's a sneak peak of the figures that we will generate: