Monday, May 2, 2011

How to create a chart with Google Chart API

The example shows how to create a scatter plot using the Google Chart API.
import random
import urllib

def list2String(x):
 """ from a list like [1,2,5]
     return a string like '1,2,5' """
 data = ""
 for i in x:
  data += str(i)+","
 return data[0:len(data)-1]

def makeChart(x,y,filename):
 query_url = ",y&chs=300x200&cht=s&chd=t:"
 query_url += list2String(x)+"|"+list2String(y)
 chart = urllib.urlopen(query_url) # retrieve the chart
 print "saving",query_url
 f = open(filename,"wb")
 f.write( # save the pic

x = random.sample(range(0,100),10) # list with
y = random.sample(range(0,100),10) # random values in [0 100[
You can embed the picture in a web page:
<img alt="Google chart example" src=",y&amp;chs=300x200&amp;cht=s&amp;chd=t:64,10,18,42,49,83,73,27,44,51|77,89,13,87,27,34,38,44,22,42" />
Or use it from the disk.

Google chart example

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