Thursday, March 7, 2013

Insertion Sort animation

To continue the series of animated sorting algorithm this time we will deal with the Insertion Sort. We are still in the basic algorithms and the way it works is pretty simple. It inserts each element of the array into its proper position, leaving progressively larger stretches of the array sorted. What this means in practice is that the sort iterates down an array, and the part of the array already covered is in order; then, the current element of the array is inserted into the proper position at the head of the array while the rest of the elements are moved using the space just vacated by the element inserted. The Python snippet for creating the animation is the following:
def insertionsort_anim(a):
 x = range(len(a))
 for i in range(1,len(a)):
  val = a[i]
  j = i-1
  while j >= 0 and a[j] > val:
   a[j+1] = a[j] # creating the space for the insertion
   j = j-1
  a[j+1] = val # insertion
  pylab.savefig("insertionsort/img" + '%04d' % i + ".png")

# running the algorithm
a = range(300)
The strategy used to create the video is the usual and we can see the result in the following video:

It's interesting to see that the algorithm forms small subsets of sorted items that tend to join when the number of iteration grows and the holes between the them are filled by the insertion process.

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  1. Can you animate these sorts next?